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The Golden Rule states that we should treat other people the way we want to be treated. We cannot control how other people act but we must practice what we know to be correct behavior.

We won't tolerate any misbehaviour by members on the Vaughn & Friends Alumni Association, Inc. website, Facebook page, and telephone calls made to Vaughn members. The result may be your removal from the association because of inappropriate behavior. Please read our meetings rules.

Officers of Vaughn & Friends Alumni Association, Inc.

President — Matthew Scott,
Vice President — Megan McGraw
Secretary - Angelo Poulosophos
Treasurer — Marcy Peters

Officers of the Board of Directors

President — Jerrie Poulosophos
Secretary — Cathy Coughlin
Treasurer — Bertha Peters
Alumni liaison — Angelo Poulosophos 


  • Matthew Scott
  • Megan McGraw
  • Marcy Peters
  • Angelo Poulosophos

Advisory Board

  • Matthew Scott
  • Megan McGraw
  • Angelo Poulosophos
  • Marcy Peters
  • Catherine Coughlin
  • Bertha Peters
  • Jerrie Poulosophos